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ICAR Karting, about us: 
- Performance karts with the latest security caracteristics; 
- A dedicated and competent team; 
- Several years of expertise. 
We offer our best to make your event or day a great success! 
Have fun, we take care of everything! 

Our rental packages:
Race on a track designed by professional kart drivers; 
Our performance karts reach an impressive speed of 80 km/h;
An exciting activity to live with friends and family;
Regular RT8 Karts (12 y.o. & over)
Fees per 15 minute session

1 session = $35.00 ($2.34/min.) 
2 sessions = $60.00 ($2.00/min.) 
3 sessions = $80.00$ ($1.78/min.)
No reservation, see the online schedule for operating hours. 

Family starts
LR5 Kid Karts (8 – 13 y.o.) and Regular RT8 karts
(accompanying parents)
Fees per 15 minute session, child or parent.

1 session = $32.00 ($2.14$/min.) 
2 sessions = $55.00 ($1.84$/min.) 
3 sessions** = $70.00 ($1.56$/min.)
**Available from Monday to Friday 

Family starts were created to allow your children to experience karting and progress at their own pace on a track which respect the highest criteria of security. Only close family members are allowed on the track with the children and their speed must be controlled. If a parent wants to take advantage of the full power of the RT8 karts, he must register in a regular kart session at the regular price.  

Family starts: weekend schedule
(parent-children, 2 sessions)

-9:30 am (arrival 9:00 am)
Session # 1 : 9:30 am approx.,
Session # 2 : 10:15 am approx. 
-12:00 pm (arrival 11:30 am)
Session # 1 : 12:00 pm approx.,
Session # 2 : 12:50 pm approx.

Family starts: week schedule
(parent-children, 2 sessions)

-12:00 pm (arrival 11:30 am)
Session # 1 : 12:00 pm approx.,
Session # 2 : 12:50 pm approx. 
-3:30 pm (arrival 3:00 pm)
Session # 1 : 3:30 pm approx.,
Session # 2 : 4:15 pm approx.
*Maximum of 13 children and 12 adults per session. 
514-312-1711 # 230

**Other Family Starts may take place during the day but will depend on customer traffic, which is impossible to predict. 

Our Championship group packages (12 y.o. and above): 
Live thrills and sensations; the feeling of a real race! 
Whether with friends, colleagues or teammates, we offer a large variety of packages that will make the most exciting activity, without having nothing to worry about! 
Pricing - Championship formula packages - Season 2019:
Beginner championship $65.00/person. 
15 minute practice / qualifying session + 15 minute race. 

Extreme championship $85.00/person. 
15 minute practice + 15 minute qualifying session + 15 minute race. 

*Optional: Final race extra fees: $25.00/person (minimum 10 people). 
**Reservation mandatory: 
Minimum 10 people from Monday to Thursday. 
Minimum 15 people from Friday to Sunday. 
***Maximum 24 people per session, no maximum for an entire group. 

How to organize a Championship:
1- Make a group of a minimum 10 people (Monday to Friday), 15 people (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays) 
2- Book by phone approximately 2 to 4 weeks before the activity. 
3- You will be asked for a credit card number. 10% will be charged if you’re not present at the activity. 
4- Be on site 30 minutes before the beginning of the activity. 
5- Because  of the breaks between the sessions, plan twice the time for your whole activity. Example: a Beginner Championship (30 minutes total) will take about one hour to be completed. 

STAGE 1 - Race driving techniques (12 y.o. and above, on reservation only)
Improve your lap times with a training course on driving techniques taught by a qualified instructor. Practice your new skills in a qualifying session and then compete in a championship race!

This package includes:  
- Training course  
- 15 minutes of practice  
- 15 minutes qualifying session  
- 15 minutes race
- Stage 1 also gives you the opportunity to qualify to drive our new SR5 – 13 HP karts on the competition track. See section SR5.
Sunday June 16th, 9:00 – 11:00 am 
Tuesday July 23rd, 9:00 – 11:00 am 
Saturday, August 24th, 9:00 – 11:00 am
Sunday September 29th, 9:00 - 11:00 am 

514-312-1711 # 230 

Corporate Event (12 y.o. and above):
You want to innovate or have a great karting event? 
Live all the excitement of a Formula 1 race! Come and experience the real emotions of a Grand Prix. 
Whether it's a company day, a friends reunion, a launching event or a contest we can help you. 
For this special day, everything is possible: marquees, inflatable games, animation! 
Our “all inclusive” Championship events will allow you to have an activity for groups between 50 to 200 persons without having nothing to worry about! Practice, qualifying sessions and races, everything is there! The site and the track are totally reserved for you. This gives you the possibility to realize your projects! 

Contact us now! 
For informations about our corporate events  
or meet our sales representative.  
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