The ICAR HP League: 
High Performance Kart Racing League is based on a six race season. Races begin May 18th and end on October 19th 2019 with an enduro race followed by a cocktail and awards ceremony.

Regulations and pricing: 
The friendly league is held in a good mood and fun. In order to have maximum racers and fun for all, there will be a winning tickets system which will increase your chance to win one of our many prizes at the end of season. The final draw will take place at the cocktail on October 19th. All drivers will have a chance to win a prize, even if you only participated in a few races.

- Race participation = 10 draw tickets 
- First place = 5 extra draw tickets 
- Second place = 2 extra draw tickets 
- Third place = 1 extra draw ticket
- Volunteers participation = 5 draw tickets

- One 2020 season track access;
- One half-day private training with Ben Cooper; 
- One Alpinestars racing suit; 
- A pair of Alpinestars gloves; 
- A pair of Alpinestars shoes;

Races pricing:
Rate are $65 for non-members and $45 for members. Drivers must have a transponder. If you don't own one, you can rent a transponder for only $20. Taxes not-included. 
As much as possible, we ask the drivers to inform us five days before the race. This request is to ensure that we have the sufficient number of participants for the races to take place.
For more informations, 
please contact us at 514 213-220 #220 
or by email: